Magazine of the Century

The announcement of the site that, according to our research, is best suited to host a deep geological repository is not only an emotional event for the affected population – it is also a kind of metaphorical ground-breaking moment for Nagra’s staff. For almost fifty years, we have devoted ourselves to scrutinising even minor aspects of this project of the century because we want to present Switzerland with a recommendation that leaves no room for doubt when it comes to safety. And now the time has finally come: Nagra considers the Nördlich Lägern siting region to be the most suitable site for the deep geological repository. This marks the beginning of a new phase.

The purpose of this magazine is to accompany the project publicly or, in other words, to chronicle the project as it progresses. Like the deep geological repository, this magazine is a project of the century: from now on, we will publish one issue per year, each time covering a new theme, which will be dealt with in an extended format featuring text, pictures and videos. At the same time, “500m+” will also find its place at the depth of the repository, after which it has been named.

We deliberately decided to give the editorial team at the Schroten agency a free hand – for this first issue, their aim was to compile an inventory of the various opinions surrounding the topic of deep geological disposal. What are the concerns and hopes of the general public? Where are we subject to criticism? And what motivates us? Reporter Michèle Roten’s insights are complemented with data from representative surveys. We hope you will enjoy our glimpse into the sentiments of the nation and find the results as interesting as we do.

Patrick Studer, Nagra’s Head of Communication